Multifonction Baby Bed For Reflux & Gas Pain

Sevi bebe Multifunctional Reflux Bed solves 4 problems together.

  • 12 degree high head level for reflux,
  • Side-Sleeping pillows,
  • Anti-Suffocation pillow for the babies who sleep face-down
  • There is a cherry-seed bag against the gas pains.

Size : 40 x 65 cm

VAT included Delivered in 2 to 6 Days
  • Off White
  • Blue
  • Pink
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Portable Pillow (Non-Sliding Pillow)

Multi-Functional Carminative Reflux Bed has been brought innovation except the cherry-seed. Especially newborn babies slip down from the bedside. To prevent this, a portable pillow is added to be used when necessary.

How should a baby sleeping position be?

To ensure that newborn babies are not harmed while they are put to sleep, today's newborn doctors advise parents to lay the babies side about the babies' sleeping positions. If the baby lies face-down, they recommend a spongy and permeable anti-suffocation pillow. The head position should be higher than the foot position.

Usage of Cherry Seed Bag

Newborn babies' gas pains is a big problem. It is tried to put a hot water bag on the belly of a baby, but it is very difficult to put a newborn baby on a hot water bag. However, there is a slot for a cherry-seed bag in Sevibebe Multi-Functional Sleeping Pillow. The cherry-seed bag is heated and placed inside the bed.

Hot water bag was used before. Because of the possibility of the hot water bag leaking water and burning the baby, Hot water bag has been banned in Europe. This push Sevibebe to make real this innovation.

What are the Benefits of a Cherry-Seed Bag?

It is a 100% natural and ideal material for gas pains. The cherry-seed keep its warmth for a long time. Slowly giving the heat calms and comforts the baby. It is heated at 150° for 15 mins.

Will the seed should be removed from the bag when heated?

The seeds are heated together with the bag.

How to conserve the seed?

When you are not using it, heat the seeds at least once a month. Do not leave in a humid environment.

How many months is it used?

Alimentary canal muscles in babies develop after 6 months. For this reason, it may be enough to use it for 6 months. But with cherry seed, the baby will be very comfortable especially in the winter months. It is okay to use it for a longer time.

Where to put the cherry seed bag?

The sponge bed has a slot for the cherry seed bag. Normally there is not a sponge in this slot. When Cherry Seed bag place in slot, this sponge is removed and placed the cherry-seed instead.

Can it be washed?

The case can be removed and washed in machine or hand-washed. You can wash the sponges and dry them outside. If you want to wash the bag, you can remove the cherry-seed and wash the bag.

Product Details

Data sheet

100% cotton
high density sponge foam
Recomended Minumum Age (Mounth)

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